Buggy Boo's Birthday!

Yes, we have pet names for Carter. They are all a derivative from "Carter Bug". We say, Carter Bug, Bug, Buggy, Boo, you get the picture. Anyway, we had his birthday party on Saturday, January 13th. It was great. Lots of people (our house was FULL)! Carter did great. He loved being around all the people. We had a Curious George theme, with balloon trees and monkeys (thanks, Sean) and lots of books. We had asked people to bring books instead of toys. With it being 2 1/2 weeks after Christmas who needs more toys? So Carter received LOTS and LOTS of books. YEA!! We like books. Carter does too. Carter really didn't know what to do with the cake, except make a mess on his high chair tray. He barely had icing on his face and he did not put his face in the cake (which is what I was hoping for). Oh, and he fed Mommy cake, as you can see above. That was the SWEETEST!!!! We had pictures from Greg and I's one year photos and us eating our cake. More and more people are saying Carter looks like Mommy (I told you so) but he still has the unmistakable Mayo eyes--and they are gorgeous. I don't mind bragging on my beautiful Buggy Boo any day of the week!!!
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