What a birthday!

Well, it was my birthday yesterday. My last birthday in my thirties. In case you didn't know, sigh, I will be 40 next year. BLAH!

Yep, that is exactly how I felt about it. BLAH! Didn't want to celebrate it, didn't really care about it. Blah. Along with other stuff, it just really hadn't been a great weekend. I was down, cranky and emotional.

My mom came in Monday and she said she would keep Carter while Greg and I went out. Greg made reservations at Merchants here in Nashville. I had never been so I was excited. He told me he would give me my present at the restaurant. I was like, whatever, I am not really that into it anyway. Blah....

So we get to the restaurant. After we order Greg gives me my birthday card. I figured he got me a spa package or something and there was a gift certificate in the card.

I opened it up. Very beautiful card, very sweet!! That was nice. Then I see that there are tickets in there, they are covered up with a paper sleeve so I decided to read what Greg wrote in the card.

All I saw was Celine Dion and lost it. I opened up the tickets. My mouth was open--wide, I might add. Tears sprang up. I saw that she was going to be at the Sommet Center....then Greg explains.

Last week, Celine was on Oprah. I had turned the TV on halfway through. Now, I have always planned to go to Vegas on my 40th birthday and seeing Celine Dion in Vegas was one of the things I planned to do. When they announced that Celine was closing her show on December 31st OF THIS YEAR, I let out a wail!!! Greg was in the room. I was distracted by my computer but apparently, the flashed across the screen that Celine Dion was coming to Nashville and that tickets go on sale November 19th....my birthday, hmmm.

So, Greg got the idea to get me those tickets for my birthday. This was before my yucky, emotional weekend. Isn't that the sweetest??????????????????????

Now, flash forward to last night. I am looking at my tickets, amazed. Then I see the date.....

Tuesday, January 13, 2009
Yes, you heard me right.....2009!!!!!!!!

I said, "2009????"

Greg says, "No, there must be a mistake or a typo".

We get out the calendar and figure 2009 must be leap year cause, yep, the 13th is on a Tuesday. Greg was mortified...he had no idea that I was going to have to wait a year for my birthday present. He even made the paper sleeve that held the tickets and on the sleeve he had typed "January 13, 2009".

I told him I did not care. We had great seats and if we had waited till next year they would have been horrible.

So, I guess I will be able to see Celine Dion when I am 40 afterall!!!! Just not in Vegas.

Merry Christmas!

Oh, wait! It's not even Thanksgiving yet! But it will be here before we know it. We have gotten Carter's Christmas pictures made and getting our Christmas cards ready so here is a preview....


Carter's Halloween

Carter made it through Halloween this year with just a few meltdowns. I guess the terrible twos were inevitable! As you can see, Carter was a cow....a very adorable cow, I might add!!!

We went to a local park that was having a Fall Fest and met some friends there. Our friend Heather came along too. They had inflatables that kids could jump in and pony rides along with a REALLY, REALLY long line to get "the loot". Since Carter could have cared less about candy, we skipped the long candy line.

Carter went straight for the ponies. He wanted in the gate! Right then. He did not understand that you have to take a turn or that you can't just go up to something because you want to. Hence, meltdown #1. I got in line finally, and Greg distracted Carter as best he could until it was his turn.

Well, he only made around once and got really scared...meltdown #2. He wanted off that pony fast. I was trying to hold him and unbuckle him at the same time while staying at the head of the pony like the man had told me to! Thankfully, they stopped the ponies and I undid him.

Onto the inflatables. He had a great time in there until someone ran into him and he kind of got trampled. He was more scared than anyhting....meltdown #3.

After that we gave up and left the park. It was getting dark and we had pretty much seen everything.

Finally, we stopped by Grandpa and Grannie Mayo's house. Carter wasn't impressed with the two pieces of candy in his pumpkin so he threw them out!

We ended the night by going to Cracker Barrel and my very hungry boy ate his whole, half sandwich that I made him. Made me wonder if maybe all his tantrums were due to being hungry!!??

On the way home Carter was really quiet. I looked back in his seat and he was chewing on something. He had gotten a hold of his candy and was chewing the paper off and eating the chocolate. He had chocolate everywhere!! I died laughing but all it did was upset him cause he thought I was upset. He got over pretty quickly and I fed him the rest of his kit kat....after I cleaned him up!! Hee hee!!!