This is what happens when....

you leave your child unsupervised with new magic markers. Yep, Carter was enjoying part of an early Christmas present while we were finishing dinner and this is what happened! It all came out in the wash--Carter's bath and the washing machine so to take an expression from my good friend, Sean.... "it's all good!".

Coffee at last!

Well, my two weeks are up and I enjoyed a piping hot cup of coffee this morning. I didn't even have to finish my mug. It was great, it was like I had never skipped a day. I don't feel too weird so it must not be doing anything bad to me so I think I will stick with drinking it every now and then. I would like not to get hooked on it every day so I don't have caffeine withdrawal, but we'll see.

I am trying my best to stay away from sugar and have done a pretty great job at that. I am slowly adding good carbs back to my diet this weekend so I hope all my hard work the last two weeks doesn't bite the dust in the next few with all the goodies around. I am keeping them out of my house, I know that.

So, hopefully my next post will have nothing to do with diet, coffee or lack of sugar.

Day 12 without coffee...

I know, I know, my posts are getting old. Enough already, right?

Well, the fog has lifted, my sinuses have finally cleared up and I have no headaches..woo hoo!!! This must be what it is like to be sugar and caffeine free.

To tell you the truth, in terms of coffee, I don't feel that different. That is why I have decided on day 14 without coffee I am going to indulge in a nice cup of hot organic coffee with real half and half. One cup a day (or so) won't hurt. Well, I will see how I react to the cup of coffee and go from there.

Sugar, on the otherhand, I am keeping at bay. Of course, with the holidays there will be a little indulgence here and there but I will be glad to get back on track. The cravings sugar triggers are really amazing.

However, I have been on this strict fast (or cleanse, whatever you want to call it) for almost two weeks and I am ready to add some healthy carbs. A slice of grain bread, a sweet potato here or there with my dinner. You know, the small things in life. Eating like I have been eating the last two weeks gets really old. I am ready for some broader choices in my diet other than, "protien or veggie, miss?"

I have lost 13 pounds and about 7 1/2 inches off my mid-section/ hip areas. Yep. There is motivation for you. That is enough to keep me on the program.

Now to decide to torture my mom's group with sugar free, flourless cookies on Monday night at our Christmas party cookie swap.....hmmmmmmm, I don't think that would be a good idea. On the otherhand, maybe they wouldn't notice. Ha!

One Week Without Coffee...

Day Seven: The coffee pot looms before me. Empty for seven days. The Espresso machine looks forlorn and is collecting dust. My head is busting and, somehow, all of this is supposed to be GOOD for me????

Coffee. I don't miss it too badly. Except when I smell it or see a Starbucks! Oh, the Pumpkin Spice latte....oh, but I need to stop thinking about that. Ha! I am still drinking black tea in the AM so I am getting some caffeine. I hope to taper that off next week. I just want to know what it is like to have caffeine completely out of my system....hmmm.

And the longer I go without sugar the less tempting things appear. I am eating dark chocolate ever day, a fine piece of dark chocolate so I am not in total deprivation.

Poor Greg, who I think we all agree does not need to lose weight, has been eating what I have been eating. I do add carbs to his plate. He needs them. And he told me he would eat anything except cauliflower mashed potatoes. He never has gotten over that one.

Even my friend Heather was adventurous enough to come over and try the Cider Chicken and Spaghetti Squash. Which, as I had to explain to Heather, the squash is called spaghetti squash because when you pull it apart it looks like spaghetti. And some people eat it with tomato sauce instead of regular pasta. We were not having spaghetti (the pasta) and squash together. I don't know if she was disappointed that spaghetti was not on the menu, but she ate the squash anyway.

The Headaches!!!! I have had a dull headache, sometimes not so dull, for three days. I think this is more from sugar withdrawal than caffeine, since I am still drinking things with caffeine in them. So, I have tried to alter the diet a little bit to make it a little more pleasing on my head. I would rather go at this slowly and be able to function than feel like crap. Apparently, once all the "bad stuff" is out of your system you are supposed to feel great. I am not there yet.

I can say this. My moods are much more even keeled without sugar and coffee. I don't know what it is but I just feel more pleasant than usual. Except when I am driving in Nashville traffic, but don't we all lose it with idiots, I mean, people, on the road??? Besides in the car I am much more pleasant to other people. So everyone benefits, right?

And I am losing weight and inches. Woo seems to be quite dropping off of me. And I am very EXCITED about that. It makes not having sugar or coffee much more bearable.

Tonight I am splurging and we are going to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. We will be sharing the 6 carb cheesecake for dessert. It is actually quite good. Then, I will hit the elliptical machine at the Y tomorrow. It all works out.

Now all I have to do is live another day without my coffee. Sigh. At least 7 more to go without it, but maybe longer. We shall see.

Where is my coffee????

Sigh. Well, I have deliberately cut out coffee from my diet, for the time being.

I am trying to "get healthy" and do some "cleansing", which means, basically, cutting out things you love because they aren't good for you in the first place. Luckily, this time period is only going to last two weeks. I will be on a pretty restrictive eating plan, but that doesn't mean I won't be eating great tasting food. There just won't be hardly any carbohydrates, no sugar, and very limited caffeine.

I have done this kind of thing before and although it is difficult, it really gets rid of nasty cravings, that for me, are very difficult to not give in to. In fact, I would say that it is nearly impossible. That is why there are no cookies or chips in the house. Carter is still allowed his goldfish crackers and I will just try not to nibble on them for the next two weeks.

I have been eating way too much junk and suger these past few months. Actually, I am quite disappointed in myself because earlier in the summer I was on the fast track to weight loss. I was "in the groove" so to speak. I didn't really take the time to recognize how well I was doing. In fact, I remember being pretty hard on myself instead of looking at all the things I was accomplishing. Throw in a best friend dying and then a few other setbacks the next month and BAM! It was easy to throw away the groove for a couple of Oreo cookies.

The only thing is, the a couple of Oreo cookies turned into four. Then I was buying chips, "for Greg", of course. And then I just plain got off track and didn't care. I didn't want to think about my losses, I didn't want to feel anything, so I numbed myself with food.

This is what I do. I am addicted to food. I have struggled with food most of my life and it will always have an impact on me. There won't ever be a day that I won't be tempted to eat outside of a healthy eating plan. There will always be sights and smells that make me want to cave. And when I don't pay attention, I will and then it snowballs much like an alcoholic going on a binge.

The bad thing about being addicted to food is, you can never walk away from your addiction. I have to eat. Period. So, this makes life difficult. It sucks, really.

But there is always a new day. I have not totally undone all my hard work over the summer, although I am very unhappy with my body right now but what's new about that?

So, now it is time to get rid of all the triggers for me, which happen to be sugar and bad carbs (ie: sugar,flour, potatoes, white rice, instant foods,etc.).

The best way for me to do that is just to get rid of them. By not allowing them in my diet the cravings and triggers are greatly decreased. To some this might sound extreme but for me, it is somewhat my salvation. Sugar really does make you want more sugar. I have done this before and it is amazing the difference that I feel. Doesn't mean I won't ever eat sugar again, but for now, I need to lay off.

I found a great website today that is actually a blog. The best diet for me, or way of living, as I like to put it, is The Southbeach Diet. It is healthy, safe, and uses natural, whole foods.

Anyway, I was looking up a recipe for a sugar-free, wheat-free dessert and found this blog,, that is FULL of great low-glycemic recipes. I have already printed off a bunch.

If you are into eating a low-glycemic diet, check it out. It is a really cool website.

I will keep you updted on my coffee is sure to be interesting.