Today would have been my friend, Roxanne's 38th birthday. I still can't believe that she is not here. I do have to say it makes me really sad. I talked to Rox's mom last week and they are doing surprisingly well. Better than I ever expected them to be doing and I am so glad. Of course, they are handling their grief in different ways and the holidays coming up I am sure will be especially tough. Roxanned LOVED Christmas. It was her FAVORITE holiday. Ah, another bittersweet memory pops into my head. There are so many.

I love ya, Rox! We all miss you, terribly!!

Here are a few pictures of Roxanne when she visited the states last year.

Carter and Rox

Rox with our good friend, Mark! We all go way back to when we lived in Morristown

Finally, pictures at Lisa's house last summer after our big get together. Rox was sooo excited to see everyone and for all of us to be together.

These are the memories I hold on to and while I miss sharing stuff with my friend, I know she is in a much better place.

Happy birthday, Roxanne!

Fall has arrived! Finally!

And it has given me a big, fat migraine!!!!

Actually, it is rainy here today, which is a good thing, but the barometric pressure change has done a number on my head. But it will get better.

It is still not officially it? It doesn't feel like it any way. It is still warm. I love fall when there is a slight chill in the air and you need to wear a jacket but it is not unbearably cold.

Yea for fall!!!

Greg and I went to Orlando and had a great trip. It was a little rainy while we were there, but otherwise we had no complaints at all. We were very impressed with the National Center on Biblical Parenting all the way around. Hopefully, I will be able to give my first seminar at my church in some form or another in the Winter. I have a lot of information to go through and really work on the presentation of the seminar. They really give you everything you need to give a great presentation and for any church that is planning the seminar, they provide everything to promote it. And they really work with the church to make it successful. I guess that is why we were so impressed with this organization. They are very organized and have their stuff together! Thanks Scott and Joanne!!!!

Once I am going at this full throttle I will include some information in the blog in case you or your church would like to plan to have a parenting seminar. Even if I am not in your area they have presenters all over the country.

If you want to take a look you can check them out at

I promise more later!!!

We're off to Orlando

Greg and I are headed to Orlando, Fl tomorrow. Carter is staying home with Grandpa and Grannie Mayo. You would think that I would be worried sick about leaving my baby for four days...but I am not! I am SO looking forward to this trip and getting away with my hubby. I know some moms who have never spent a night away from their children. Don't go on dates with their husbands, and if they do spend time away from their kid, they don't enjoy it. For some reason I do not have that problem. And I think it is quite okay! In fact, it is healthy to take time away from your children and family and take some time for YOU!!!! You will be a much better mom investing in some mom time than never taking a break. Ok, enough of that soapbox.

Why are we going to Orlando, you ask? I am going through the parenting seminar training to become a presenter for the National Center for Biblical Parenting ( On Saturday, Greg and I will actually sit through the seminar so not only will I be trained in being a presenter, we as parents actually get to go through the seminar and hopefully glean some good stuff.

It is kind of long story of why I am going to this training through this organization. I found this organization online when I first felt the call toward doing parenting ministry. I saw that they offered trainings but at that time I was still working and they were not adding on any presenters. So, I kept them in my favorites file and didn't think much of it. Then I quit work to stay at home with Carter and go into more ministry oriented work. Not too long after that one of the leaders of this organization sent me and email telling me that they were adding more presenters and were going to have a training in the fall of 2007. It seemed pretty clear to me that I needed to follow up with them. I applied and they accepted. So, here we go!

People ask me what I will get out of this. My answer is, "I don't really know". I was talking with someone at church today about it and I really don't have a whole lot of answers, except that I know I am supposed to do this. I am trying to focus on staying focused on Christ and let the ministry follow. So, I don't really know. Obviously, I have spoken with these people, I have researched the agency, looked through their materials and feel that they are legit. But, beyond that I really don't know what all of this entails. Except that I will have the opportunity to lead seminars in churches that will have me. I do get compensated. They have some awesome resources for families and churches. I would love to start a parenting ministry in my church.

If I were hope and dream about what the future holds I would have a pretty clear picture what that would look like. Doing ministry in my church, possible setting up private practice (I should be a licensed therapist by the beginning of the year--if all goes well), and helping parents become the best that they can be. Being an encourager, loving the people that I am ministering to and getting closer to Jesus in the process.

But I am trying not to hope and dream and let the Lord guide me where He would have me go and what He would have me do. If that means traveling every weekend doing seminars in churches, then great! I feel I have a long way to go in getting where I need to be in my relationship with Christ before I think I would be able to offer anything to anyone. And, really, I wouldn't be offering anything that I had anyway, cause anything I have comes from God. I am really not being hokey in saying that. I truly believe that the less I know I have anything to offer the better. Does that mean God hasn't given me gifts and talents? No, of course not, He gives us each a special call. But apart from Him I CAN DO NOTHING.

That is exactly where I want to be. With Him. He will take care of the rest.

Pray for safe travels for us this week and for my baby Carter to be safe and sound!