Home, at last

I have officially, officially been a stay at home mom for over two weeks now. I am no longer sad about leaving my counseling position. It was very difficult, but I know it was what I was supposed to do. So, some of you might be asking yourself, " I wonder how Susan is doing...?"

I am managing staying at home just fine for right now. I have to say, dare I say, I am enjoying myself. I love not having the pressure of having to get up and have a schedule, except Carter's schedule. I do love spending the time with Carter and working on challenging him and seeing him develop and grow. And I LOVE naptime! Ah, that is true mommy time! And next to naptime, I LOVE bedtime, Carter's bedtime! Ah, that is mommy and daddy time. Adult conversation and interaction. It is great.

Having a one year old keeps a person very, very busy. That is an understatement. There is no time to be bored when you are running around the house trying to keep your son out of the toilet water, trying to get him to eat, and trying to hold him down to change his diaper. I swear sometimes I feel like I am trying to lasso a bull! Once I get that diaper on I raise my hands and call "time!". It really is quite hilarious. And I have to say, Greg changing Carter's diaper is even more hilarious. We have that on video.

Speaking of Greg, he knows when it is time for me to get out of the house. I come into his office (he works from home) and I stare blankly at him for a few minutes. I make sure he doesn't have any meetings and Carter is down for a nap. I tell him I am going to pick up a gallon of milk. I then leave and return two hours later, with no milk.

Tuesday mornings are my most hectic morning, next to Sunday, due to my mommy's group and volunteering at the church. But other than that, depending on when Carter wakes up, I can sit and drink my coffee, have my devotions (very rare to have in the mornings unless I want the Teletubbies as my backgroupd "worship" music, just kidding, of course). I either have my devotions during Carter's naptime (true peace and quiet) or at night. And I can go to water aerobics at the Y at 8:30 AM, if I am so inclined! Or I can sit in my bathrobe until noon with my hair all askew from not showering. I really try not to do this often.

And Mr. Carter keeps me hopping! There is no time to be bored. I am tired, though, by the end of the day. Up and down, down and up. Change diapers, feed Carter, give bath, retrieve toy out of toilet, rescue Zoe, the cat, from a Carter hug, retrieve Carter from litter box, feed Carter....ah, the joys of toddlerhood. I am not just tired, I am EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, so far, things are going great. We are still adjusting to everything, but I think this is going to work out just fine. Ask me in a couple of weeks how I am doing. It may change. If you notice my hair is askew, I have no make-up on, and it seems that I have not showered in several days, you may want to pull me aside and tell me I am in desperate need of a night out. Believe me, I will take you up on it!