Carter's transition to his big boy bed...

Since baby boy #2 is due in less than 8 weeks we figured we better get started on a nursery for him. Which meant getting the crib away from Carter and into the nursery. Seeing as how potty training has not been going well I was thinking that moving Carter to a big boy bed would be more, well, traumatic. It could not have been more simpler.

We talked to him about a big boy bed for a while. And to be honest, I think he had outgrown the toddler bed, which is his crib that he had as a baby that converts to toddler then on to a double. I have posted a couple of pictures below that show him sprawled over the bed not looking too comfy for good sleeps. He also always liked being under mommy and daddy's covers, not that he got to do that too often.

So, last weekend we decided the time was right. Carter went with us to buy the bed. We already had a twin comforter for him all we had to do was get it ready. He seemed up to the task but you never really know until bedtime.

Well, bedtime came and went and he did his typical stuff. It took him a while to wind down, as usual, but there was no boo hooing for his toddler bed. There were no questions. Nothing.

So then I said, lets see if he makes it through the night......he did. No reaction at all. He loves his big boy bed. Obviously he was ready. If only potty training could be oh, so easy as this transition. Sigh.

Here are some pics in the toddler bed and the big move to the big boy bed. He looks so cute in it every night. And another bonus is that he uses a regular pillow now and covers up. He wouldn't hear of being covered up in his toddler bed, oh, no. Well, now he just snuggles right down in there. So Cute!!!!!!!!! But I am biased.

Here are some pics.

We call this Ode to Pooh. I think this was taken the day before we got his twin bed. I like to think of it as Carter remembering his wonderful time as a baby and being all comforted and loved by bringing all his stuffed animals from his nursery to his bed. Carter had a classic pooh nursery and we redecorated his room when we changed him into a toddler bed. All his animals and blankets have been stored in the office and recently, he has been getting into them a bit. We got baby brother new bedding because Carter seems quite attached to Pooh and well, we didn't want to have to make him share everything. One day for nap time I went in to check on him and here were all his pooh animals piled up next to him. Too sweet!

You know, this just doesn't look comfortable. But this is how we found him one night after we had put him to bed. It takes him a while to wind down, which usually means some type of movement on his part and obviously, this was his last movement of the evening until he conked out! LOL

Another cute pose of Carter totally pooped! This was taken the day after his third birthday. I think he was just too pooped from all the activities of the weekend.

These next few pictures are of the big transition. If you are wondering what those things on the side of the finished bed are, those are rails so that he doesn't fall out of the bed. We will probably keep them up for a few months since we have a mover and a shaker! LOL!

*sniff sniff*

I can't believe my baby is a big boy.


Just wait until he poops in the potty. I will have to post a picture of that, too. Just like on Jon and Kate plus 8! Ha!