Tis the Season....for Travel

We have survived Halloween and are anxiously awaiting Thanksgiving when we get to travel to Missouri to see my mom. Road trips with kids are always fun. Most of the time my kids do great in the car, maybe it's their age, I don't know. But I would like to think it has something to do with my planning and preparation. Not all road trips have been dreamy, but packing great snacks always made it a LOT better!

On the way back from our Second Honeymoon trip in May, we were on a plane with a couple who had a one year old. In fact, we sat right next to them on the front row of the plane. The baby fussed the whole trip, not just fussed but screamed, cried and wiggled the entire time. Even the flight attendant came and asked the mom if she could walk him around the plane. You know it's bad when the flight attendant steps in. Mom tried breastfeeding him at one point and we had about 10 minutes of quiet...man, that was nice. Then she tried to get him to go to sleep. No go. She fed him a sandwich which he devoured. She only had water in his sippy cup (what???)  and I think she may have had some goldfish, but as I sat there, I was wondering where her plethora of snacks were. We are a snacking family. I mean, if we are in the car for an extended period of time I brink lots of food for my kids. I could not understand for the life of me why this mom didn't pack pretzels, cookies, crackers, juice...you know all the good stuff that is bad for you. Even if you never, ever ever give your kid juice, especially under one year of age because that is FORBIDDEN and because, you know, it will cause them to get fat,  (yep, that 6 ounces is just going to bloat them out for life) please for the love of everyone on that plane, pack it!

Don't get me wrong. I have traveled on a plane with a baby before. It's no fun and this mom felt really bad, I could tell.

How do you feel about feeding your kids snacks that they normally wouldn't get, for special occasions like travel? I'll be honest, it made me way less sympathetic for her. I understand he was only one but if the boy can devour a peanut butter sandwich, then maybe, just maybe he can eat an animal cracker or two with some real juice. But, it didn't make me mad (like some other passengers who weren't really all that nice). Maybe it's because we were all relaxed from our second honeymoon, but I was very empathetic with her and the situation she and her husband was in. On the other hand I so much wanted to tell her PACK SNACKS, but, I figured at that point and time it probably wasn't the right time or place. I remember being a first time mom and wanting to do everything right, but, if you are doing everything you can in the moment for your child then you are doing it right. Even if others say you are messing up. And that even includes the American Association of Pediatrics!!!!

So, if you want any advice from this travel seasoned mom, don't worry about the sugar in the juice. Drinking a cup of juice or two will not harm your child. Her fat genes will not pop out all of the sudden with an extra piece of candy. Trust me. And the people around you will appreciate it so much and you will feel much less stressed.

I hope you have an easy, non-stressful travel season as the holidays are upon us! Just remember to pack snacks (I won't even mention benadryl works wonders too!!! ) ;-)