December 2011 I went to Jeremie, Haiti for the first time. After that trip, I said it would be a while before I went back. Well, it's been two years and I think I'm ready to go back. Whether I am completely ready to go back or not, I am going. Again, in the first week in December with my wonderful friends and team leaders, Dale and Tami Heim. I honestly would not go on this trip with any other leaders. They are the best and I am so appreciative of their leadership. I just felt that needed to be said!

I am hoping and praying that with this trip I can actually soak in what happens. Last time, I was in shock and I was stressed and overwhelmed. Because it was such a new experience and I really didn't know anyone on the trip, I allowed it to add stress and I withdrew. I became more introverted (than usual) and I was going through a lot emotionally anyway, working through my first step study in Celebrate Recovery. I was doing very intensive work on the inside, then went to Haiti to pour out on them and it was intense. I remember facetiming with Greg on the first or second night in Jeremie in tears. I was so out of my comfort zone. I was overwhelmed. I kept a lot of it in at the time and I just kept to myself a lot. This time, I'm looking forward to knowing what the routine is and the place I am staying, even though I have been told not two trips are the same, at least I have been there and I know what it's like to ride in that little 12 passenger plane! Yikes!

That plane ride was honestly one of the *least* stressful events during that trip. Seeing those orphans and the conditions that they live in, and knowing that even with those conditions, if that orphanage wasn't there, they would more than likely be dead, seeing that every day for five days, was quite emotionally draining.

Anyway, I really want this trip to be less about me and my issues and more about enjoying my time at the orphanage, feeling less overwhelmed and enjoying fellowship with some awesome people. In fact, that is my mantra for this trip. "It is not about me, it's about them". And to get more "spiritual", I'll quote John 3:20, "He must increase, but I must decrease". WORD!

I am raising money to fund my trip to Haiti and it is really easy to give, just check out my page, Susan-in-Haiti! If you are of the budgeting kind, My final payment for this trip will be due the first week of November...about three weeks before we LEAVE FOR HAITI (Eeeekkkkkk!!!)...sorry, I had a moment of something there. Eek. This trip is less than 8 weeks away. Eek. Eek. Eek. LOL.

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Of course, more important than monetary support is PRAYER!! And lots of it. Pray that this trip is not about me, that I let people in and that I love greatly. And just...go.

Thanks for all of your support!!!!


A Year Of Biblical Womanhood!!!

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I absolutely LOVED this book. It's funny and enlightening. I may not agree with everything in the book, but she doesn't ask the reader to agree with her. I found it quite entertaining. It's on Kindle right now for $2.99. Great  read.

 I think if you do a study like True Woman 101: Divine Design  (and yes, I have read it) this should be read along with because not everyone believes  or perceives biblical womanhood in the same manner, and personally, I don't want my life and beliefs to be pigeonholed into what one person's interpretation of scripture holds. I believe in the power of the holy spirit to guide and lead me and my marriage.

 And, well, I'm kinda passionate about that. So it's not that I am against other studies, I personally, just like a more comprehensive approach to studying the murkier issues facing women studies today. Let's look at this from both sides.

I have no idea how long this will be $2.99 so if you find this post after October 1, 2013 you missed the deal. Personally, I would buy it anyway. It's great.

Click HERE to see if it's still on sale.

Thoughts? (I hope I am not opening Pandora's box.....)