Counting My Blessings Today

As you all know I am pregnant and 40! Whew! Pregnancy is not for the faint of heart. All in all though, I have it pretty easy. I have been having a lot of pain this pregnancy, pelvic pain, to be specific. I am not sure if it is an actually disorder that is common in pregnancy or my old bones, but all I know is, I HURT. Especially this past week. It was bad. I had been helping out at a conference and standing for 3 hours straight at a time. Not good for the pelvic floor, let me tell you! Plus all the stretching that goes on and growing.

But, I have to say, I can wallow with the rest of them. And I was feeling it Thursday. I was just overwhelmed with pain and I didn't know how I was going to last three more months this uncomfortable. I am still in my second trimester, supposedly still feeling good...what is it going to be like next month.

Well, thankfully, the pain has gotten a lot better. I have had a couple of nights of good, restful sleep. And even though I am not pain-free, it is nothing like it was last week.

And even if it was, I need to be thankful that I have no complications during pregnancy. Baby is doing fine. I don't have to worry about health issues for me or the baby that might endanger either of us (some pregnant women I know do have to worry about those things). I have it pretty good and this too shall pass...and at the end, I will have a beautiful, healthy, baby boy, Lord willing. That is my prayer.

It really helped, also, to put things into perspective when one woman that I follow on a due date board online had her QUADRUPLETS on December 30th at 25 weeks. Yes, you read that right. She was just a couple of weeks ahead of me and had her babies. Whew! Everything was going great in her pregnancy. Obviously, she was high risk and followed very closely. She went into the doctor on the 30th and BAM! babies were coming. They thought they could stop the labor but the babies had other plans. It is amazing to see how they are doing and that they have all survived, none of them have brain bleeds, and most are not breathing on their own. Amazing.

Here is a link the their blog:

Next, another lady on the due date board online is having twins. It is a long, complicated story, but her membranes prematurely ruptured at 13 weeks. It is called pPROM (premature rupture of membranes). Usually this means the baby/babies will die because it is just too early to save them. Well, since it was twins, only one membrane ruptured. One twin is fine, the other is not. This lady is now 25 weeks or so. One of her twins will not live when he is born. The other should be fine. She also has a blog (warning: Offensive Language!!!!) that I follow:

There are several other stories that I could share that would break your heart or make you think, but these two are the primary ones I look at and say, "Thank you, Lord!". I have much to be thankful for. Even if I had to go through something like that, I should be thankful, but I am thankful that He has spared me that and has allowed me to have an uncomplicated pregnancy.

I have a lot to be thankful for!! I am going to try and remember this the next time I haven't slept or have intense pain. It could be a lot worse!!!