Griffin is two months old!!!!!

I have updated Griffin’s webpage with new pics! Stop by if you have a minute and take a look! Enjoy!

The Mayo’s

Sleepless nights, reflux and colic...

Well, I don't know about the colic, I think Griffin is just fussy because he hurts. He has reflux and I think sometimes he just doesn't feel good. He wants to be held a lot. But I am jumping ahead.

Griffin is almost 2 months old. I will update his website next week with new pictures. I have his birth announcement all ready and I am just waiting for it to be printed. I took the pictures myself and a friend of mine photoshopped the announcement. It looks so good!!! I say that because I didn't do it, I just took the pictures. :) I am very thankful for my friend, Sarah, though!!!

The reflux has really thrown us for a loop. Carter never had it and was a VERY easy baby. And I have to say that Griffin is still an easy baby, in temperament, he just is fussy and hurts sometimes. I would too if my little digestive tract wasn't all the way developed and is trying to grow up to keep up with the baby, which it eventually will. He will outgrow this. We are also blessed in that Griffin's reflux is not the "spit-up" kind. He just sounded like he was very sick with a chest cold and congestion when I took him to the ped. He was coughing and choking when he ate. (insert very sad mommy face here). It stunk. But the meds are working and he is a very happy little boy. We have to keep him upright for 30 minutes after his feedings, we switched bottles (mainly for gas issues) and we are on a special thicker formula. After the feeding in the night he gets to sleep in his car seat, which he doesn't seem to mind too much! LOL.
Griffin has slept through the night at least 4 nights, two of them being the past two nights. We are especially thankful for that because I was getting to the point of losing my mind, literally. It just really wears a person down. I probably have a low tolerance level because the Lord has blessed me with good sleepers. I was concerned about the reflux hindering Griffin sleeping because a lot of reflux babies have difficulty sleeping comfortably. But, he is letting us sleep until 5:00 am now, which is wonderful.

Carter is still adjusting very well. He has been in the terrible three's (instead of the terrible two's, which he skipped) for a while now so I honestly have not seen any new behaviors, but he does act out. He is Mr.-Independent-I-DO-IT!!!!!!! Little man and some days whatever I say, and I mean EVERYTHING, he does completely opposite.

I am going to close with some pictures I took of Griffin and Carter for his birth announcement. These didn't make it in but a lot of them turned out really cute! Enjoy!