Super Tuesday

Well, today is voting day. The day you get to vote in the presidential election primary. Yep. Don't worry, I am not going to give a big speech on the importance of taking advantage of the freedom we have in voting (especially for women, cause we didn't always have the right). I won't bore you with political dialogue cause I am just really not into that. I am a voter and I think it is important but political science was just not my favorite class.

No, political science and debates are not my thing. My husband and I did vote in the primary today. There wasn't another soul in the church where we are sent to vote based on where we live. That is called a district. That I know.

We must have hit the district during a lull. Lucky for me cause I got confused after I cast my vote for my candidate then the thing popped up and asked me to vote for delegates. Now, see, if you are a republican, you will know exactly what I am talking about. If you voted as a democrat, you didn't get to vote for all those delegates.

(And techinically, I am not republican, politically, I am a democrat but, due to having values and morals, I am unable to vote democratic in National elections.)

Anyway, the nice elderly people were able to kind of explain what the delegates were and the whole electoral vote thing. See, I told you, it really isn't my thing. I get test anxiety every time I have to vote. I think it has something about being enclosed in a small space. Of course this year there was no curtain to shield me from anyone and everyone could see the confused look on my face. Luckily, I was able to raise my hand and ask a question.

But, my post today has very little to do with my voting experience.

What was so interesting today was what happened after I voted. See, if you go vote you get this little sticker. A bragging right. The sticker says, "I voted".

I proudly wore mine all day. Even though Carter wanted it after I picked him up from Weekday school. But I wore it all day. People would ask if I voted.

Well, why else would I be wearing the sticker if I hadn't voted?

But best of all was what happened at the mall. We went out to eat and went to Opry Mills after dinner. I was parusing a shoe store while Greg checked out really expensive speakers at the Bose store.

When I walked in to the store the sales lady did the obligatory hello. She decided to start up a conversation based on my sticker on my shirt. Here it goes.

"Oh, did you vote today?"


"Yeah, I've seen lots of those stickers today (pause, then with much sincerity)....Did they have it at the Convention Center?"

This lady has my full attention. In a split second in my mind I am saying to myself, WHAT??????"

So I asked her.

"What? Did they have what at the convention center?" (Maybe she meant a big political rally...)

"You know, the voting?"


"Um, no, the voting takes place in your district." I am really trying not to stare incredulously at this woman

The saleslady is appearing to feel uncomfortable. It seems she is trying to discuss something she obviously knows nothing about. But how can that be? I know about voting and districts and I am not politically inclined. The woman is an adult at least in her thirties. Obviously, a bit on the airhead side, but she has nice hair. And it is blonde.

"Oh.....yeah. Well, I have just seen so many people today with these stickers and I just think it is so cool. You know, it must be one of the big days to vote."

" um (staring incredulously now because it is the ONLY day to vote. There is no OTHER day. This is it, Super Tuesday. Does this woman own a television? Watch the news??????) Um, Yeah, it IS the voting day" I finally spit out.

"oh, I just think it is so cool. I've seen those stickers all day. People went out and voted and then came and shopped!" (woman laughs uncomfortably and leaves very quickly.)

I just stand there and stare. And then I start to chuckle.

When I have conversations with people like that I feel so smart!
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