Sigh....melted heart!

At first I wondered how do you get your child to tell you he loves you, without prompting him? I kept telling him I loved him from the time he was born and so wanted to hear those words. We are very affectionate with Carter and he loves giving kisses and hugs and we had millions of, oh, so snuggly moments. I knew I felt the love from him, I just wanted to hear him say it. So, even though I showed him I loved him, and told him I loved him, he still had to be taught to say the words. But even though he would repeat the words when I asked him to I felt they really didn't count until they came from his HEART.

That happened last week when Carter came into the kitchen while Greg and I were discussing our day. Carter comes in and wrapped his arms around my legs and gave me a big hug and said, "I love you, mama, I love you". My heart MELTED. It was gone. I looked at Greg and I was nearly in tears. It was so sweet. And, of course, I told him I loved him too and hugged him back.

This weekend Greg and I had been away and my sister was keeping our kids. When we came back to her house Greg and Carter were sitting on the couch. Carter was curled up in Greg's lap and they were watching Monsters, Inc. (for the gazillionith time!). Carter hugs Greg and curls up a little bit closer to him and says, "I love you dad, I love you". Greg, my niece and myself all look at each other and I think I am going to burst into tears again! Greg tells him he loves him too and Carter repeats it a second and third time. It was precious!!!

It makes it ALL worth it!
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