5 Minutes for Moms

I wanted to pass along this website that I have joined. I have actually added my blog to this site (and you can too). This site was designed for busy moms and I look at it as sort of a clearinghouse of information under one site. That means if you only have 5 minutes to get online, you can go there and accomplish a lot under one site. You can even view my blog there, along with other Christian mom's blogs. You can find Christian businesses run by moms, great ideas for every day life, jobs, etc. It's just an amazing site and I hope you check it out.

Click here for the main blog site and learn all about Susan and Janice, who are the twin sisters who created the blog, and more about 5 minutes for mom.

If you are a mom, or even want to be a mom and are possibly struggling with infertility, and you have a blog, they welcome you to join. It does take up to a month for them to add you. I just joined a week or so ago and I have not been added. It is very simple so click here if you would like info on adding your blog to their site!

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