The only thing that's good in me is Jesus

I was just reading this blog online and wanted to share it with you guys! I can tell you I have so been there with this, and haven't we all?

None of us want to carry on the negative traits we learned from our parents, however, if that is all you saw and knew, it will take re-learning and lots of prayer to change. But it can happen.

Obviously, this is written from a secular position, but I know the ONLY thing that keeps me from turning "into my mother" is Jesus.

I know that I can be the best mother that He would have me to be when I depend on him. If situations would bring to me knees in prayer instead of reactions, I could yield victory! But, I'm human and I'm going to make mistakes.

That's also where Jesus comes in. Grace. Mercy. And another chance. I may not be the perfect mom and I may have some not-so-shining moments....but I know that I am growing and learning and praying and keeping on. The Lord knew that these kids would be perfect for me. He designed me to have these children. Who am I to say that I will screw them up? There are no screw ups in Jesus' family. None.

So take heart on those bad days. Days when you raise your voice, punish too harshly rather than discipline (teach) and lose your patience. It's gonna happen. And the Lord will cover it all. He knows your heart. He knows what will keep you on your knees!

Every perfect gift comes from Him! And He thought you were special enough to receive this gift, He is going to walk with you through every step of the journey.
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