Ode to Single Parents

Greg has been out of town all week and every time he has an extended trip away my mind wanders to single parents. I mean, I have two small kids at home for three days by myself and I think I am going to die without the help of my very helpful husband.

After three days, maybe two...I am exhausted. The bedtime routine itself can be exhausting with two adults in the house, but being in charge of two very busy boys 24/7....WHEW!!!

In reality, single parents pretty much do the parenting things 24/7 without any support from another spouse EVER.

Of course there are breaks (sometimes). Of course friends and family pitch in, I'm sure (sometimes). But some families have no support. They don't get a break. They are it.

I cannot fathom being not only the sole caregiver but the  sole provider for my two boys. The thought overwhelms me.

I am extremely thankful for a husband who provides and a husband who helps.

This week think about your single parent friends and send them a note of encouragement.

Take them to dinner or take them dinner.

Offer some babysitting so they get a much earned and deserved break!

I know they would greatly appreciate it!

And don't forget to thank that helpful spouse.....they deserve encouragement, too!!!
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