Social Media and kids...

I found this article on facebook and was told feel free to share. I thought I would pass this on to parents. I've spoken a little bit about social media and kids, and passed on just a few articles. Even though my kids are still too young to be on social media, my six year old knows what facebook is and asks me to contact his best friend's mom via facebook to pass a message on to his friend. AND he also knows how to text and if we aren't careful will text grandma and grandpa, papa, aunts and of course...his best friend's mom (it doesn't help that I have his best friend's name in the contact. LOL.

Needless to say, this is a serious subject and one not to be taken too lightly. Access to Internet at any age need to be well monitored by parents. Just because you have a great kid and you trust them, doesn't mean they are ready to have their own laptop or even an iPhone.....even if "everyone" else does.

Stay strong parents!!!! Follow your gut. Protect your children!! It's your job.

Here is a link to the article


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