Happy New Year!!!

I hope everyone had a blessed, safe and non-eventful New Years Eve!!!

We stayed home and had a very low key (boring) evening. Got the boys in bed and attempted to stay up until midnight and almost made it. The in laws kept the boys for a few hours new years day and what did we do

We sat down and looked over our budget for the year and how to stay on that budget. We also set family goals, personal goals, business goals and ministry goals. Whew!

I have to say it was awesome though, it is something that we talk about a lot but have not followed through on. We want to be more organized and goal-oriented. I've been watching videos and downloading free e-books on the subject of de-cluttering and goal setting. But that part is easy. It's the follow through that is often the hardest part.

I'm hoping in the next few weeks to share some of my struggles and even some triumphs in this journey to get organized and de-clutter. I might even share a few of my more personal goals. We'll see.

The first thing I did today was "like" this page on facebook after a friend posted about de-cluttering her home in 2013 and posted this great calendar (that I have already printed off). Basically, you spend 15 minutes a day de-cluttering so by the time the end of the month/year you have actually accomplished a lot, rather than spending, say, four hours on a project then ignoring that part of your home again until it's all cluttered up again (ahem, guilty here). I also downloaded a free e-book on scheduling cleaning each day, something that intrigues me also. Anyway, you can get to her website from her facebook page and download everything I did. She asked that people not share her link, so if you go to this website, you will be able to find everything  I did.

So, what are some of your goals for 2013. I don't call them resolutions. Goals. Let me hear about them!!!!

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