A Day In The Life...

I have officially lost it! Today I was headed out to run errands and could not find my keys anywhere. At one point, I had taken them out of the purse and gathered everything up and headed out the door, only to come back in to look at some coupons....well, then my ADHD kicked in (I like to call it multi-tasking). Not only was I looking through the coupon drawer, I also remembered that our vacuum needed a new filter. So I went to the drawer where we keep all our instruction booklets. I decided to take a picture of the vacuum instructions so that I would know exactly what filter to buy. Then I started thinking about where I could go to get the filter. Need filter - Go to Target - While at Target - get Starbucks. Mmmm...coffee. Ok, back to reality. While dreaming of the Starbucks drink I would get at Target I kept looking through the coupon drawer. Then I started going through all the expired coupons. Then I threw them away and I decided I could go. Except by then, I could not locate my keys. Why was I even going out? Oh yeah, coffee. ooh...but I also had to go to Kroger, even though I had just been there yesterday, because I always seem to forget at least one thing (imagine that). Man, it seems like I go to Kroger every day. ooh...and I also wanted to go to the Hendersonville Produce Market.

But I couldn't go anywhere until I found my keys...so for the next 15-20 minutes I look for my keys, everywhere. Twice. I did find the coupon I was looking for (it was on the kitchen table) but I was completely frustrated because my keys had disappeared. Finally, I get my husband's key and leave.

While I was running my errands, including Kroger, I tried to backtrack in my mind exactly where the last time I saw my keys. Then I remembered that before I left I was looking for a coupon. That's where my keys were, in the drawer where the coupons were. I got really excited. So I came in and went to the drawer and looked for my keys. No keys. Now I was faced with pulling the trash out and going through it to make sure I didn't throw them out there accidentally. Eww.

Must keep thinking.

Then, my one last and only hope, I decided to look in the drawer where the instruction booklets are kept...you remember, the vacuum filter, right?

Aaaand....there they were. Yep. The search was over.

I told Greg that I found my keys and where I had found them. I also told him that I was losing it.

Then I remembered that I had forgotten, once again, to pick up a certain item while at Kroger.

I rhetorically asked Greg why I keep forgetting to buy at least one from Kroger every time that I went.

He lovingly replied, "Because you're losing it?"

Yes. Yes, I am.

Oh, and I never made it to Target. I honestly never even gave it another thought once I left the house.
And that's my day...how was yours???
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