Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Yeah...I know it's been a while.

December was crazy. Here is my top 10 for the past month...

1.I went to Haiti. Amazing.

2. Came back from Haiti. Broken...and tired.

3. Helped out with my son's Christmas party. Awesome.

4. Getting everything ready and finished for Christmas. Stressful.

5. Knee injury right before Christmas. Inconvenient (and painful).

6. Sleeping in every day during Christmas break. Fabulous!

7. Two weeks at home with my boys. Awesome.

8. Very Quiet New Years Eve. Ahhh...

9. I hosted a Downton Abbey Season 4 premiere party. Fantastic.

10. Extended Christmas break due to icy, cold weather. Cabin fever with two active boys. Um, I won't go there.


I'm still recovering. How about you?

This is the first day since December 19th that both of my kids are in school for a full day so I figured I would update my blog.

I have lots to talk about in 2014, just not today. I'm enjoying some peace and quiet.

And coffee.

Lots and lots of coffee.

How was your December?

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