Too long

I guess the time has just flown by since I have not posted in a while. We celebrated Father's Day Sunday. Carter got Greg a T-shirt that says "World's Coolest Dad". Mommy got daddy a nice relaxing CD so that daddy won't stress out with all the work he has to do. Daddy also got a picture frame, a mug oh, and Beef Jerky!!!!!!! Hee hee.

I was at Wal-Mart and was going to pick some up beef jerky for Greg. For some reason he loves the stuff. So, I as a joke, I saved it to give to him on Father's day. I hid it in my dresser drawer. Third drawer down, on Greg' side of the bed. The same place I keep my workout clothes. Well, apparently, I didn't close the drawer good enough and Greg was sitting on the bed and looked over and said "is that beef jerky????" I shut the door really quick and explained to him that that was part of his father's day gifts. He just laughed. It was funny to us anyway. I won't tell you the things Carter gets into in Greg's nightstand. There is no telling what that boy will pull out of that drawer! I'll stop there before I embarrass myself any further. Actually, he comes by it naturally, because I am a natural snooper myself. And I come by it honestly. But I won't name any names!!

Speaking of curiosity, I really do not understand my husband and his lack of curiosity. Well, he is curious about some things, like how things are put together and made (gee, I guess that is why he is an architect)but other things he could care less about. Like when he found his father's day beef jerky hidden in the drawer, he had no desire to go back and dig underneath the beef jerky to find out what else was there. We had a conversation about it. I told him not to go snooping in there because other gifts were under the beef jerky. He said, "okay". I asked him "You mean, you have no desire to dig through that drawer and find out what else is in there?" He said, "Nope". And he meant it. He doesn't have any desire to read my journal's either. He doesn't snoop. He doesn't get into things that don't pertain to him. He doesn't even open my mail. He just leaves it for me to open. It is really a nice, safe feeling to experience that your stuff is your stuff and it isn't going to be gone through.

This is a new experience as in my family, things got looked at whether you liked it or not. Assumptions and conclusions were often made on what was found before you had a chance to explain what was what. Or, you might not have even been able to explain before conclusions were drawn.

The horrible thing is, I have NO boundaries when it comes to snooping into things I shouldn't. Like I said, I come by it naturally. I also have the tendency to jump to conclusions before I have all the facts in front of me, however, I have gotten much better at that. That is why it is so hard to understand why a perfectly normal man would have no desire to go through someones dresser drawer KNOWING there were gifts there!!!!???!!!!! How is that possible??????????

I don't think we will ever know.
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