Nap time and bed time, in general...

I don't know what Carter's deal is these days. This is the second day he is refusing to fall asleep for a nap. Monday his schedule got off a little bit but he fell asleep in the car on the way home. I put him down and cleaned up the kitchen a little bit, turning on the dishwasher and such. Well, thirty minuntes went by before I heard him talking and crying. I go in there and he had pooped, who knows when. I cleaned him up, put him back down. Another 20 minutes of fuss. I got him up, fed him some food and warm milk. I might have even shot some tylenol down his throat, I can't remember. Anyway, nothing. I finally got him up.

Well, today, I picked him up from school and usually he falls asleep on the way home. Not today. He was so dirty I decided to give him a quick bath and some milk. He was sooooooooooo sleepy, rubbing his eyes. I put him down about 30 minutes ago. The past 25 minutes he has been yelling at the top of his lungs, "NO, NO, NO" and then jabbering to himself and repeating, "NO". He is doing it playfully. He is not upset but I swear if that kid doesn't fall asleep soon I am going to go insane.

Now to bedtimes. I have a great sleeper. We have always had a great bedtime routine and he usually falls asleep with no problems. Well, now he does not like to go to bed. He will cling and grab onto you when you are trying to put him down in the crib. It is really funny. My baby is long gone. The days of rocking him in the rocker and putting him on my shoulder have been replaced with resistance to anything bedtime related. He loves his bath and his milk, then we brush his teeth. All the while mentioning "night, night time". He actually will start fussing in the living room when we start saying it, prompting him to get ready for bed. Carter isn't talking much (well, he talks a lot, we just do not understand what he is saying), but he understands A LOT of what we are saying so I have started prompting him 30 minutes before bed that night, night time is coming.

What is really funny that as much as he clings to us, going back and forth from one parent to the other thinking one of us is going to rescue him from his crib, generally, the minute his head hits the crib he cries for 2 seconds and then all is quiet. Its like, "okay, you win, I give up".

Ahhhhh, is that quiet I hear???????????? I think my screamer has finally gone to sleep!
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