Getting off facebook for a while

I am signing off of facebook for a while, during lent, but it really has to do more than just lent. I need to be updating this blog more often, writing more often, which is why I started this blog in the first place. I update on facebook so much that I don't write, and I know it is something I am supposed to be doing.

Also, Greg is going to Haiti on a mission trip March 12-20th. I really need a place to vent some feelings and update people on his trip. I hope that I will be able to communicate with him during that time, but we have Verizon and have learned that Verizon does not work in Haiti.

Please be praying for Greg's safety and my sanity as I have the boys all to myself that week. Also, what the Lord is wanting to teach Greg and I during this time. I definitely fear for his safety there, yet I know it is where he is supposed to be and the Lord will take care of the rest.

So, hopefully, during the next 40 days I will be updating here more often and writing more often like I should be doing anyway instead of being distracted with facebook.

Hope you can tag along.

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