So, I have been a week without facebook....

My week without facebook has been good. It was really hard, I will have to say. I was used to checking facebook every 5 minutes (or more) so it was really hard giving it up cold turkey. I will say I had to log on twice last week to send a message to a couple of people cause that is the only that I communicate with some. Thankfully, they have now given me their personal info. So, it kind of helped seeing a few status updates during that time to ease the pain of withdrawal. LOL.

I have been extremely emotional lately, and that is a good thing. I haven't felt a lot of stuff in so long with the post-partum depression symptoms that I was finding myself crying out of God saying, "please let me feel again!". And boy, He delivered!

To say that I have been held captive by fear these last few months would be an understatement. I am thankful for a God who stays by my side even when it seems I am not on His. No matter what I do, think, or feel can separate me from God's love. And I have been feeling that more and more, praise God!

There is a battle raging within me to TRUST Him, for He is good. I know this, I have experienced it in the past, but releasing everything to Him to trust Him for some reason is just often very difficult, especially when you are experiencing anxiety and fear. Hello!

But it has dawned on me these last few weeks that I am in control of what I believe, the thoughts that I allow in my mind and Who or What I am thinking upon. Today, I decided to think on Christ. To think on what is good, holy and just. To praise Him.

And for now I am just going to stay in this moment. The battle is not over but thank goodness I can finally see (again) just Who has won the war.

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