Merry Christmas!

I hope that you had just as wonderful a Christmas as I did. It has been great. I realized yesterday that this is my first Christmas as a mom. It was pretty cool. This was Carter's first Christmas, too. My sister and her two kids came to town and my dad and step-mom spent Christmas Eve and day with us too. Of course we had time with Greg's parents in there too. Very busy time of year.

Carter had kind of a rough Christmas. He has been sick. He has been to the doctor twice and is on antibiotics. He is feeling much better now but Christmas Eve and Christmas Day kind of stunk for him, and for us too. With being sick he is waking in the night so we are just a wee bit tired. We are hoping for an all nighter tonight-a whole night of wonderful sleep!!!! This morning Carter got me up at 5:30 and he did not want to go back to sleep. At least he slept till 5:30, the past two nights we have been up and down several times in the night. Anyway, he finally went back down about 6:45. I decided to stay up since it was morning and I could have some time to myself. I made coffee and started having my devotions and my eyes became really, really heavy. I thought I was going to fall asleep in my chair. I had taken a couple of sips of coffee and decided I would give sleep another try. Greg was up by now and about to eat breakfast. I slipped into bed and the next thing I remember its 9:20! Sleep is an amazing thing!

Carter was kind of oblivious to Christmas which was nice because due to all the family commitments, Carter couldn't see what Santa had brought him until about 1:30 in the afternoon! You can do that with an 11 month old. Next year, we will have to do things differently. We got lots of pictures and video. He loves playing with all of his new toys and books. I can't believe he turns 1 in less than three weeks!!!!

Some of you know I surprised Greg with a "remodeled" downstairs basement. It is now a rec room with a brand new pool table in it, a new paint job and UT accents. I will try and post some pictures. It looks great and he was thoroughly surprised!! He was equally wonderful to me too, this year. My favorite gift is the cappuccino maker he got me. I guess he is tired of all the money I am spending at Starbucks, ha! Not really, but I am excited that now I can have a latte anytime I want!!

Well, all the family has left and gone home. Carter is napping and I am enjoying the peace and quiet! Maybe I should retry having those devotions!!! You have to take those moments when you can!!

I have my 2o year class reunion on Friday, that is just too freaky to even write about! But I will post about that later.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!
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