What a week.

Happy July 4th a day late.

Carter has been sick, again. He had a high fever Sunday and Monday. Same as a month ago. It got better so we didn't go to the doctor. Well, yesterday he woke to his own star spangled banner in the form of a rash! He was miserable as it was itching him terribly. He was grumpy too. Benadryl helped but then he was very sleepy.

His rash got worse today so off to the doctor we went and guess what?

My child has Roseola.

Before you freak out, like I did, it is just a viral infection that causes a high fever and then a rash and the worst is over.

Greg's parents watched Carter last night so that we could go over to a get together and that was nice. Carter feels great today, he just looks very spotted!! :-)
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