Coffee at last!

Well, my two weeks are up and I enjoyed a piping hot cup of coffee this morning. I didn't even have to finish my mug. It was great, it was like I had never skipped a day. I don't feel too weird so it must not be doing anything bad to me so I think I will stick with drinking it every now and then. I would like not to get hooked on it every day so I don't have caffeine withdrawal, but we'll see.

I am trying my best to stay away from sugar and have done a pretty great job at that. I am slowly adding good carbs back to my diet this weekend so I hope all my hard work the last two weeks doesn't bite the dust in the next few with all the goodies around. I am keeping them out of my house, I know that.

So, hopefully my next post will have nothing to do with diet, coffee or lack of sugar.
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