Day 12 without coffee...

I know, I know, my posts are getting old. Enough already, right?

Well, the fog has lifted, my sinuses have finally cleared up and I have no headaches..woo hoo!!! This must be what it is like to be sugar and caffeine free.

To tell you the truth, in terms of coffee, I don't feel that different. That is why I have decided on day 14 without coffee I am going to indulge in a nice cup of hot organic coffee with real half and half. One cup a day (or so) won't hurt. Well, I will see how I react to the cup of coffee and go from there.

Sugar, on the otherhand, I am keeping at bay. Of course, with the holidays there will be a little indulgence here and there but I will be glad to get back on track. The cravings sugar triggers are really amazing.

However, I have been on this strict fast (or cleanse, whatever you want to call it) for almost two weeks and I am ready to add some healthy carbs. A slice of grain bread, a sweet potato here or there with my dinner. You know, the small things in life. Eating like I have been eating the last two weeks gets really old. I am ready for some broader choices in my diet other than, "protien or veggie, miss?"

I have lost 13 pounds and about 7 1/2 inches off my mid-section/ hip areas. Yep. There is motivation for you. That is enough to keep me on the program.

Now to decide to torture my mom's group with sugar free, flourless cookies on Monday night at our Christmas party cookie swap.....hmmmmmmm, I don't think that would be a good idea. On the otherhand, maybe they wouldn't notice. Ha!
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