Bad dreams, pink eye, and other not so fun stuff!

Greg has been gone for almost four days now. I was able to talk to him last night, very briefly, but that's okay. As long as I got to hear his voice. He sounded tired as they had worked all day and they were getting ready to go to dinner. Hopefully, I will get to hear from him again tonight.

I survived the weekend OK. Had some really yucky dreams Saturday night and didn't sleep well. Griffin woke up really early and really sick. Monday morning I took him to the doctor and found out he has pink eye in both eyes AND a double ear infection. Poor guy. But he looks so much better today after 24 hours of antibiotics both in the eye and orally.

I was able to tell Greg about the pink eye/ear infection and he felt really bad. I really feel like Satan is attempting to throw every fiery dart at us during this time, but I still cling to the peace that I have felt from the beginning. Fortunately, my mom made it hear yesterday and it has been wonderful having another adult in the house and being able to leave the house without kids, even if it just to go to the grocery store. Yay for moms!!!!!

Our church has a website with pictures of the guys in Haiti. Greg is in the first picture that is part of the slide show. He spent yesterday building pews for the church. The link to that website is here.

I will share more later about what God is doing through Greg being gone, both in my life and his. It has definitely been a time for growth for me and renewed trust. It's been a long time since I could say I fully trust God with everything. But, each day I feel like I am moving one step closer to having that back. And He has been here all the time. it is me that has allowed fear, doubt and anxiety to cloud my relationship with Him. But He always finds a way of bringing us back to Him. Sometimes in amazing ways.

That's all I have for now. If I get more updates I will let you know. I know Greg wanted to update on facebook while he was there but the Internet has been down the entire time.
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