Greg made it to Haiti.

I was able to talk to him very briefly today. I have to admit I dislike not being able to pick up the phone and talk to my husband any time I want. It stinks.

He had one more 30 minute plane ride to the town they are staying in for the week, but I don't know if I will get to hear from him any more today.

He says it is very hot and humid (very much expected it to be) and that they spent about two hours riding around in a bus touring the city and viewing all the devastation. All in all, about 75 percent of Port au Prince was destroyed.

I am glad he is there but I wish he was home. I know he is there for a reason but it still doesn't make me not want him here any less. I know his life will be changed by this trip and so will mine.

I am just going to try and take it day by day. I am not worried about him, I know he is safe and will return home safely, but it doesn't mean I like it that he is in Haiti.

The boys have done great the past day and a half. I know I can feel the prayers of many and they are very much appreciated.
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