On my own

This post will most likely be short. It has been a very hectic week because Greg, my ever supportive husband, is out of town on business for THREE DAYS!!! He left me in charge, completely in charge, of the morning routine....if you don't know me, let me tell you, I am not a morning person, at all. Greg bears a lot of the load in the mornings so I lean on him a lot. Usually, the only thing I am in charge of in the morning, besides making my coffee :), is making the boys lunches and laying out the clothes. Once Griffin wakes up, he pretty much demands my entire attention, some mornings worse than others. He doesn't want Greg, he wants me.

We have a pretty good system, overall. We use each other's strengths and weaknesses instead of traditional "I am a woman so I do this" or "I am a man so I do that". Yeah, that wouldn't work for me. And I don't mean that selfishly, I just don't buy into the "traditional" household set up, if traditional is even the right word. We are a very traditional home. Maybe enlightened is a better word. Eh, I don't know.

Before I start making people angry, don't misunderstand me. For us, and I think it is a personal decision for each family, for us, we work best working together instead of all the household tasks being on me and Greg going out and getting the "bacon" every day. For one thing, Greg doesn't leave the house to "go get the bacon" AKA "work". He is self-employed and works from home. He has a flexible schedule. There are some things that we do traditionally...I will always cook and Greg will always be in charge of unclogging the toilets. I mean, that's a no brainer.

Getting back to me being a slacker in the morning....I mean, Greg and I using each other's strengths and weaknesses, ahem. LOL. Other than the first day of school I have never taken Carter to school in the mornings. I have heard Greg talk about it and get a little "tense" when Carter is not ready at exactly 7:08 am so that they can leave and miss most of the traffic. I never really fully understood why he would get so "tense" if they left at 7:12 instead of 7:08. I mean, come on, what's the big deal?

Well, now I understand completely. We live 2 minutes from the school. Carter has to be in his classroom by 7:30. Without having experienced the routine, it was hard for me to understand the difference of leaving 4 minutes later could make. Well, I now understand why they have to leave at a certain time. Let me paint you a picture....the traffic is lined up and the school is still in the distance. You can see the school and you see all the cars worming their way through the parking lot. The backed up cars inch along. You have traffic coming from all directions. To me, the school looks like an ant hill and the cars are all the busy little ants working their way through completing their task. And Greg is right. You need to leave before 7:10 am in order to not be late. Amazing.

Who knew? Greg did, because he does it every day. And he does it very well.

I've got one more day of doing it on my own. It makes me very thankful for my man! I'm thankful that he's self-employed and here at home and is able to help out more. I guess what I am trying to say is I'm thankful that God found just the right guy for me.

But I am SURE missing him in the mornings. Whew. Thursday can't get here soon enough!!! I wonder if he would let me sleep in Thursday morning......hmmmmm. He's been away at a conference, staying at a bed and breakfast and going snow mobiling with the guys.

Yep. I'm sleeping in!
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