Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day! :)

Okay. I should warn everyone before they read this. I have not had any sugar or processed carbs in 7 days. On top of that, I have pink eye. Of course, I got pink eye from my 6 year old. We were stuck in the house all weekend because pink eye is so contagious. Because it is so contagious, friends can't come over to play. Even for mommy, because mommy's friends usually bring friends to play with Carter. Carter is Contagious, with a capital "C".

So I am having a bad day. I want to whine and complain, but I can't. I am too blessed and I know it.

There is a lot of "stuff" going on at our house. Lots of changes on the horizon, all good. Just change can be very stressful so on top of that, being sick and having sick kids just adds to the stress.

But, this is life and we are truly blessed. As I sit here, it hits me that even when I have a bad day, it is much better than someone else's day in a third world country. Actually, even in this country, my bad day does not compare to what others have to go through.

So, instead of whining and complaining about my Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (okay, that is so exaggerating, but I love that book!) I have decided to put warm compresses on my eyes, fix me a cup of decaf instead of a snack, and think about all the GOOD things going on in my life. And how blessed we really are.

One of the things I am thankful for and truly blessed with is a GREAT husband. I mean, he gets me, he loves me, and we laugh a lot, because we get each other, you know. :) I think that is the best part and maybe it's just because you live with someone, but the longer you are together you can truly read each other's thoughts or what they are about to say. In fact, tonight, Greg and I repeated the exact same sentence to one of our sons at the same time. It happens all the time.

As a counselor, I get to hear about people's "stuff". Sometimes I hear really bad stuff about relationships. I had one of those appointments last Thursday when I guy came in discussing ending his marriage. I came home and was talking about it with Greg, and, without saying anything about the client's situation, I will just say that he has gone through things that have never been an issue with us. Marriage isn't easy, but I feel Greg and I have been blessed. Of course, we were 34 years old when we got married, so at that age, I am thankful we got it right! LOL.

Last Friday night was a clear reminder to me how well meshed we are. We had kept Carter home from school but didn't know for sure if he had pink eye yet, or not. We had been stuck in the house all day and were ready to get out. I have been eating pretty healthy and had been snacking on raw veggies before we left to go out to eat. Griffin, my two year old LOVES raw veggies. Really. He wanted to try my green pepper, so I let him. He loved them. I was amazed.

Fast forward to the restaurant, as soon as we got there, Griffin started acting kind of strange. Eventually, he just wanted to be held. He didn't have a fever, but was just very lethargic. I mean, what two year old just lays around at a restaurant, mine certainly doesn't. I held Griffin while Greg ate, and Greg took Griffin so I could eat (see, that's a sign of a good husband). Griffin would not eat anything. He would not even drink his sprite. Something was up.

So, we are finishing up rather quickly, realizing that this dinner wasn't turning out to be such a great idea. We try to pay cash for most things and most of the time Greg pays, but he had mentioned in the car that he had limited cash. When the server brought the check, it sat there a minute because I wasn't thinking about our earlier conversation about me paying that night.

So I am eating my burger (with no bun and a side of broccoli, thank you very much) and Greg brings up the check needing to be paid. Then he drops a line from a story I tell about a previous boyfriend, ahem. This ex never paid for anything when we went out and actually asked me to go "Dutch" at an expensive restaurant once, one of our first dates. I am ashamed to even mention that because of course I realize now that that is not how a girl deserves to be treated, but what can I say? I was young.

So all Greg does is drop this line. He is sitting to the far left across from me. Griffin is in his lap and Greg is rocking him back and forth ( I don't think there is anything more sexy!). I chuckle and take another line from that story and lay it on him. We both crack up. Basically, making a joke about me paying for dinner. Har, har, har. It's okay if you don't think it's funny. You had to be there. It was hilarious!

I just had to sit back and think, wow. How blessed we are. Not lucky, blessed. I mean, he gets me. We get each other. And we get each other's sense of humor, which is the best. If you can't laugh with someone, well, that would be a very bane existence. So we laughed and I started to pay the check all the while reveling in what a man I have.

Then Griffin threw up.

All over Greg.

It was disgusting.

We were in a restaurant with two kids, puke went everywhere, all over Greg and Griffin, and the booth. Ugh. Griffin looked a little confused, like, "what just happened". This was his first projectile experience, soooo glad he decided to do it in a public restaurant. (groan).

So, after we "attempted" to clean Griffin and Greg up, we paid the bill and left. The staff was great, but I was more than embarrassed!!

But you know what we did all the way home? Greg and I laughed. I told him he smelled, bad. I can't even remember all we laughed about, all I remember was wrapping Griffin's jacket in a giant napkin and putting it in the back of the car and having to roll the windows down on the way home because I was about to gag.

And I just kept thinking, wow, not every guy can handle being thrown up on and keep his sense of humor. Griffin was very happy in the back seat sucking down his sprite. I guess the green peppers didn't agree with him. He was fine once he threw up. We got home and he had some Chicken and Stars soup and was great.

So, in the middle of all the sickness and not feeling well, this is what I'm thinking about tonight.

Greg, not throw up. Ha!

And it makes me smile!!!!
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