Middle Tennessee Homeschool Education Association

My husband and I are about to fly out to Mexico for a week to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary! I can't believe it has been ten years already! We fly out Monday the 6th, so if we come to mind please say a prayer that childcare arrangements, travel and the trip overall would go smoothly and we can truly enjoy some much needed R & R.

I wanted to remind you that I will be speaking locally, in Nashville the week after we get back from our trip. I will be doing two break out sessions representing the National Center for Biblical Parenting you know, the people I have been talking A LOT about recently with their new book! (have you ordered yours yet? there is still time to get free stuff. Check it out HERE!).

For my local peeps I will be speaking at the Middle Tennessee Homeschool Education Association for their annual curriculum fair, held at the Tennessee Expo center (formerly called the Nashville Fairgrounds) May 17-18, 2013.. Friday, May 17th,  I will be speaking at 3:00 PM on Teaching Children to Follow instructions. On Saturday, May 18th, I will be speaking at 2:00 PM  on How To End Every Discipline Time with a Positive Conclusion.

It's good stuff! If you homeschool, or are thinking about homeschooling, this conference is the place for you. Hope to see you there!!!

For more information on the MTHEA Curriculum Fair and Expo...registration, costs, schedule, etc. click HERE
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