Free Day!

Thank God for grandparents! That is all I have to say. It is spring break this week so no weekday school for Carter. Tuesday I had a mommy's lunch, which was a lot of fun. Today, Carter is at Grannie and Grandpa Mayo's house!! Woo Hoo!! I dropped him off and went to work out at the YMCA. I am very proud of myself, I did 25 minutes on the elliptical machine. Again, Woo Hoo!!!!! I warmed up, lifted weights and did the cardio. I have an appointment at 2:00 for a pedicure. I am soooooo excited. I am FREE...for today. :-)

My friend Lisa has this absurd idea to do the Atlanta 3-day walk for breast cancer awareness this October. It is a THREE day walk, 20 miles a day!!!!!!!!! That is a total of 60 miles in three days. Yeah, I know!!!! Here is the link to the website. They have them all around the country.

Anyway, I am working hard to get in shape and she was telling me all about this and I thought what a better way to get into shape than to have a goal in mind. This way, I would definitely make it to the gym. It is something to hold me accountable. I kind of got excited. I told my friend that even if I didn't do it, I would help her raise money so I am going to link her website. It probably doesn't take you long to think of someone who has suffered from breast cancer, and it may be someone very close to you. So even if you can't participate in something like this you can always find ways to give. Here is the link to Lisa's website. . I hope it works.

So the funny thing about this is that I was kind of getting excited about the possibility of doing this. Once I start something I usually don't quit, especially something like this. And Lisa told me if you can't walk the 20 miles per day, that's okay, it is just a goal. But see, I would have to do the 20 miles a day, I would want to know that I could do this. I have the time to train, they show you how to train, etc.

So I come home and look it up online. I am still excited. Then I read the part about sleeping in a tent for two nights. Apparently, it is all about "community" and sharing in this experience. Oh, and then I was reading about the safety tips, when to shower, eat after you walk, etc. Then it mentioned how your tent might be hot and if you don't hydrate and get nourishment you could pass out.

Let me pause her so that my friends that really know me can chuckle a little bit. You see, I am a bit of a...well, how can I put this and not make myself look like a Diva. Uhm, I really don't like the outdoors. I don't like to go camping. I don't like sleeping in a tent. I like electricity. I don't like to be overheated and I like amenities. Okay, get the picture??? Apparently, I don't like canoeing either (found that out when I was pregnant). Oh, and I really don't like to undress in front of other people. Or shower in front of other people. I don't care if you are a women and we have all the same parts, I don't care. I just am not comfortable walking around naked in front of other people.

So, I emailed my friend and I told her, if I am doing this, I am NOT staying in a tent! I hear a nice, PRIVATE, hotel room with a bath TUB calling my name. Hello! Who could walk another 20 miles without even soaking in a tub. I am sorry, but there is NO WAY! So then, my friend responds telling me that I am funny (yeah, I am really funny). She then mentions how it isn't how she would like to spend the weekend either but as long as there is a cot to sleep on and a toilet to use, even if it is a port-a-potty , she figures she will be so exhausted that she won't care.

My response.... PORT-A-POTTY????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????

Um, yeah. IF I do this (and it really is a big if) I will have my hiney in a hotel room.

I know it should all be about racing for the cure, and that is really what is important, but can't we have a few nice amenities, too?????
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