I don't know what is up with me today

Carter has been sick and VERY clingy this morning. Would not take a morning nap, even after medication. I hate that he feels bad, but at the same time, it is frustrating not being able to console your child or figure out what is wrong with him. Finally, he napped after lunch and is still napping!!!

I have been in a yucky mood for several days now. Don't know why? Hormones? Maybe. Don't we always blame it on the hormones?

Tomorrow is Greg's birthday and we are going to a state park and spending the night. Believe me, it is a nice state park and we are staying in an Inn. Didn't you read my last post? I don't do tents! :-) We are bringing Carter, so I hope he starts to feeling better. I have not started packing yet. It almost doesn't seem worth it to go somewhere for all the packing preparation you have to go through to take a one year old along! I do have to say it gets better with time. Before we would have had to pack two bags just for all his stuff and bottled water for formula, etc. Its nice that he eats just like us now!

I will get back to parenting stuff next week. Enjoy the break. I have ordered Erickson's book on development. I learned about him all through college and grad school. But who remembers all that stuff!

It's really funny because you go to school to learn and I am familiar with Erickson and his life cycle of development. It is pretty crucial and, I feel, very accurate. Most psychologists, LCSW's, LPC's refer to it when they are talking about being "stuck" somewhere in a person's development, or not having your needs met during a specific time in your development. What is funny is that now that I am out of school and wanting to do more parenting seminars, etc. I have to order his book and re-read it and learn about it all over again. It's like we cram all this information into our brain to make an "A" on a test and then don't think anymore about it. I also have a difficult time retaining knowledge. Unless I repeat every week, it tends to get lost in the brain somewhere and I am vaguely familiar with it. It's sad really. I really don't like smart people.

I am fascinated with how the brain works, how we develop, how much nurture there is and how much nature...the timeless debate. I need to ask my mom about my birth again. Apparently, I had a difficult birth. I was blue when I came out, not breathing. I had been stuck on my mom's pelvic bone. My mom mentioned recently about the doctor's telling her about my condition and telling her it probably wasn't going to be a good situation, but I need the whole story. I don't know if my birth has anything to do with my retaining problems and I don't guess I will ever know. But it is fascinating to me. My poor mom should have had a C-section for all three of her deliveries! Crazy.

I'll tell you more on that later.
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