Spring Cleaner and the Birds

No, I didn't mean to say that spring cleaning is for the birds, the title is correct. However, every Spring, I have to deal with chirpy birds outside my bedroom window. They start waking me up about 5:00 EVERY morning. This is not a good thing! It is time to start pulling out the ol' earplugs so I can get a decent night's sleep!

Greg and I were married in the springtime, May, to be exact. Apparently, I must have still been in wedded bliss the first year we were married because the birds caught me by surprise the following year. It was also way too bright in our room first thing in the morning. I took care of that about 2 years ago and bought some really dark curtains! They are wonderful. However, I am thinking of updating the look. Which leads me to spring cleaning.

I have organized my desk this morning and organized the mess that was on top of my desk into nice little hanging folders. I have shredded, thrown out, filed, labeled and just about cleaned out everything. It feels good to clean and organize. I also dusted today, very much long overdue. I intended to clean our bathroom but it didn't happen. I did walk 2.5 miles which cleaned out my brain!! Very much long overdue also!!!

I wish I felt like doing it all the time. Actually, I need to get rid of the "feel like" and just "do". The definition of discipline is doing what we need to do even when we don't feel like it. If I applied that to my life more often, I would get a lot more accomplished!

Happy Spring!
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