We're sick

Well, I am sick and Carter is sick. So far, Greg is fine.

Carter has an ear infection. I have what I think is an allergy season attack. I cleaned Saturday (yes, I do clean) and I must have vaccuumed an inch of dust from our curtains in the bedroom, our lamp shade and the ceiling fan! I recently saw a TV show, or read an article somewhere about how dust mites accumulate in, surprise!, DUST. If there is no dust, there will be less dustmites. Eeeuw! We have had those curtains up for two years and I have never thought to vaccuum them until I saw this show. Who knew???

Have you looked at your ceiling fan lately? Every season, dust accumulates on our blades. When it got really warm a few weeks ago I wouldn't let Greg turn the fan on cause I didn't want dust floating around the room all night. So, I had to clean it. Summer is coming.

So, after that cleaning I started getting sick. See, I don't know if that means I should just NEVER clean because I will get sick, or if I should clean on a regular basis so that dust piles do not accumulate. Hmmmm. I will have to think about that one.

Carter got his 15 month shots on Thursday and immediately came down with the sniffles. By the next day he had a full blown cold. By Tuesday morning he had a fever so off to the doctor we went. Apparently, just in time. He had a full blown infection in his right ear. Ugh. So we are on the pink stuff, AKA: amoxocillan, for 10 days. One good thing, well a couple of good things, actually, is that he hasn't been sick since December and second, he doesn't fight taking his medicine anymore. It used to be a nightmare to get the "pink stuff" down him. We would hide it in his applesauce. Now he just stands there and I squirt it in. It's like no big deal.

Other than that, not much else going on here. I am preparing for a new Bible Study class that I will be teaching on Sunday mornings starting May 13th. It is a parenting class at church. I am really excited about it. Its kind of scary, too, because it is a huge commitment. But, Greg and I are ALWAYS there on Sundays anyway. It is just a matter of getting out of our comfort zone.
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