Spring Time

I am sleeping better this week...the birds have been quiet! I think the cold snap over the weekend flew them further south! Hallelujah!!!!!

It is a GORGEOUS day! After my duties at church the morning and afternoon I snuck outside with a Starbucks coffee and just soaked up the son! It was really nice, especially after Sunday! It was freezing here. Crazy! It was such a sweatpants-curl-up-on-the-couch-day.

Today, though, it is sunny and 74 degrees. It was wonderful having some 'me" time to just sit and think about whatever I wanted to think about. Too often I use my 'me" time to run errands, do things for other people, or keep on working at the church. I need me time, time alone. Time to reflect and recharge! Especially since I am doing so many "people" things these days.

People drain me. I am naturally an introvert. So, when I do a lot of things with people, interacting with people, or talking with a lot of people, I want to veg out somewhere all alone. It is like my personal re-charge time. Extroverts, on the other hand, thrive on being around people. The more people the more energized they are. I am completely opposite.

When I don't get to have time alone, I am not a happy person. I get grouchy and moody. I have learned to recognize when I need to be alone or do something for myself. I think it is important for each of us to recognize our need for time alone and seclusion.

So, today, sitting in the sun, I just sat there, drinking my coffee and looking at the beautiful creation around me. I thought about a lot of stuff but none of it really mattered. I think all the time. Sometimes it matters and has a purpose, othertimes it does not. Today, I purposefully sat there trying to think of nothing but I think that is impossible for me.

I took my time alone at Opry Mills mall in the Opry Plaza near the Grand Ole Opry. I actually started to crack up at all the people that came over to take a picture of the Grand Ole Opry. It was really distracting to my seclusion time. Apparently, the bench that I was sitting on was just the right spot for a great picture of the Opry. I tend to forget that I live in a tourist town. I really don't understand why people would want a picture of the Opry, but to each his own. So I got distracted by all the people coming by and snapping pictures of the Opry.

And then I just got HOT, because it is really warm here today. But as I stated before, I would much rather have today than the weather we had on Sunday.

BRRRRR. I told someone Sunday that after the cold snap, it would then just proceed to get HOT and we would be burning up until October!!!

Unfortunately, I am probably right!
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