Very busy!

I haven't been a very good blogger this week. A lot of stuff going on. I don't guess that is any excuse but, it is true.

Carter is starting to communicate more and more. He will repeat words after we say them and it is so wonderful to actually hear words come out of his mouth! He repeated "I love you" to us the other night! Of course, it didn't sound exactly like that, but we know that is what it was. Then he repeated "I" right on. This stage is amazing.

I know he gets frustrated that he can't tell us what he wants all the time, I know I get frustrated not knowing what he wants. When Carter is through with anything that he is eating for dinner in his high chair he throws on the floor. We try to get it through his head that we do not want him to do this but nothing really works. So we are working on teaching him "all done!". I raise both my arms in the air with my hands out stretched and go, " all done!". It is so hilarious because he will raise his left arm straight up in the air mimicking what I have done. He has no clue why he is doing it but I guess it looks fun to him. I said it the other night in the living room while I was feeding him his bedtime snack and I thought he was through so I said, "all done?" and Carter throws his arm up in the air!!!!! And starts walking all around the living room with his arm in the air!!! LOL!!! Greg and I cracked up!

I am still amazed at this little life that I am in charge of taking care of and that he came from me and Greg. Believe me, I am extremely thankful for the blessing of even being able to have a child because so many couples struggle with infertility.

However, it does not make me any less thankful that Carter's bedtime is at 8:00 and he goes to sleep for the night!!!!!

WE LOVE bedtime here at our house!!!!! Whew!
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