My wonderful husband took me out for my birthday last night. My birthday is on Sunday. I thought we were just going out to dinner and then he gave me my birthday card and in it were tickets to the Lion King!!!!!!!!!!! The Lion King is in town through December and I have been hinting that I wanted to go....and I guess my hints were heard!!

The show was marvelous!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely marvelous!!!!! My sweet in-laws kept Carter and we got way past all of our bedtimes, but it was a great date! Thank you, honey!!!

My in-laws are keeping Carter while we are on our cruise. On one side I am so excited have time alone with Greg, on the other hand, I think what am I doing leaving my baby for 5 days!!!!!!!!! I know it will all work out and I am praying diligently about Carter's health and safety. Sigh. I guess this is what it means about wearing your heart on your sleeve!! Motherhood does that to you!!!

3 days until cruise. I will post when we get back!
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