Monday I made my official resignation from work. Easiest resignation I had ever done. My supervisor and I had already talked about it. I went in and told my principal at the school. That went fine. I am very excited to be telling people about my new adventures. It's amazing how God works! He was telling me to trust Him in this journey, even though it didn't make sense.

I only have 20 hours of supervision left for me to be able to take the licensure exam in social work. It would make complete and total sense to stay at Centerstone and finish out my hours there and finish out the school year and then go on this journey. There were many things that led me to believe that even though it made sense, it wasn't necessarily what I was supposed to do. One was God's word. Of course, that is all it should take, but after God's word came one of my most stressful school years ever. Second came the hives, from the stress of the school year and everything else.

The day I had the hives, I crawled up in bed and got in the word. I knew that was what I was supposed to do. I go to Luke 5. This passage is talking about when Jesus showed the then fisherman that they were called to not catch fish anymore, but men and women! They were to be His disciples. They had been trying to catch fish all night. Nothing. Jesus tells them to move out in the deep and cast their nets to the otherside. Can you imagine? Someone you have never met and who has jumped on your boat to get away from the crowds telling you how you should fish? But listen to what Simon Peter says, this is what caught my eye, he responds, "Master, we have toiled all night and caught nothing; NEVERTHELESS, AT YOUR WORD, I will let down the net.

We all know the end of the story. See, even then, Peter knew to trust the Lord, even when it didn't make sense and he followed through on what he was asked to do. Some notes in my Bible confirmed what the word was saying to me. Things like, "Just do it! Past your point of logic and prior experience (vs5). Here are some specific notes from the Experiencing Bible I use:
Belief knows where profitable work can be done (vs 4)
Belief forsakes human endeavors to achieve God's mission (vs 10-11)
Belief knows God's abilities (vs 12)

God was in essence, asking me would I follow Him, beyond my point of reason, believing Him in what He is calling me to do.

So, I made my deicision. A couple of weeks later, I faltered, trying to reason leaving Centerstone before my supervision hours were up. I went back and forth and I felt no peace. It finally occured to me, when I re-read Luke 5, that God's answer had not changed, but I was trying to make my answer fit instead of His. BEYOND MY POINT OF LOGIC AND PRIOR EXPERIENCE. Once I understood it was me who was considering disobedience I chose to fall back in line to God's timeline and not mine, the peace came, once again.

God has an awesome way of following through. That statment in itself really doesn't make sense because God always follows through with His plan, whether we decide to obey or not. But it is cool to see faith in action. Especially when we are so not faithful back.

I feel led to start a parenting ministry. I was hoping to start some things in my church but had only talked to the director of counseling about volunteering. This past week I get a call from the Women's Ministry director at my church. Amazingly, she offered some opportunities for me to start ministering to parents!!!! I was amazed.

But I really shouldn't have been.

God had already told me to be looking past my logic and more toward His supernatural logic.

I am so glad that I did.

Lord thank you for this journey. May I be faithful and surrendered to You always.
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