It's official

I gave birth to a monkey. My mom will be so pleased!

The reason she will be pleased is that she, too, gave birth to a monkey--ME!

Carter is climbing on everything. He is tall enough to reach just about everything. Let me give you a run down to our morning...

1. Carter is in our bedroom throwing all the books on the floor. He pulls down his clothes off a chair and finds the loud metal trashcan and empties it. Mommy steps in and throws away all the potential deadly suffocating material from the trashcan so that he can bang it on the hardwood.

2. While I am downstairs, Carter apparently climbs on my chair at my desk in the kitchen. I know this because when I came back up stairs 2 minutes later is carrying two picture frames from the back of the desk.

3. I am cleaning off the table and the only things left on the table are his diaper bag and my purse. Being the wise woman that I am I put them in the middle of the table to keep tiny fingers from pulling them off the table. I am so wise, I think. I turn my back for a second and come back and my child has turned the chair sideways and climbed onto the kitchen table and is digging through my purse.

4. I go into the bedroom to clean up the mess that Carter just made. I eye my wedding ring on the floor.....hhhmmmm....where is the band? Yikes. I frantically look for it thinking we are going to have to go to the ER so that I can see my diamond wedding band on X-ray in Carter's stomach. Luckily, he had placed it in Daddy's tennis shoe. Guess I will be moving those up to my dresser now.

5. Carter successfully pushes the trash can back in the pantry after I emptied it. Good boy!!!

6. Carter is obsessed with the dishwasher and has now figured out how to open the door even when it is locked.

All of this has gone on before 10:00 am! And you wonder why I am tired! I haven't even attempted to share all the times of redirection, snatching inappropriate objects he carries around the house. Things he can ingest. Toothpaste is his fav!

Greg comes home at lunch time and fixes himself something to eat. He goes downstairs to get a coke and comes back up as Carter snatches the chips off the kitchen table! Carter brings them to me. I tell him I don't want any but I think Daddy does!!!! Carter then goes back to the dishwasher and Greg asks me, "how exactly do you put childproof locks on a dishwasher?" I replied, "You don't!"

I think that is it, for now. My little monkey is taking a nap. Thank you, Jesus, for nap time!!!!!
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