Wow! It's been a week already!

We went out of town last weekend to visit some dear friends in North Carolina. We had a great time visiting with them. The used to live here and were married in the same year we did. They have been gone for 3 years. We sure wish they lived closer, but they are in seminary. They have some decisions to make and I hope it brings them closer to us. But above all, I pray that they would be completely in the Lord's will. They have a 19 month old little girl who is just precious!!! We had Carter and her picture made together. I meant to ask them if it was okay to share it online. I will ask and if they say yes, I will post some pictures later. Baby number two is on the way for them in July! Wow! We have been married only five months longer than them. We have other friends that got married less than a month after we did and they are expecting their second baby in June! I guess we are a little behind! That is okay with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Speaking of marriage, Greg and I celebrated our fourth year of marriage last night. It wasn't exactly romantic, but it was supposed to be. Greg's mom and dad picked Carter up from school and we had reservations to a swanky place for dinner. Swanky, I guess, is a southern made up word for "fancy" --hee hee. Greg was not feeling well when he got up and had a headache with some aches and pains. Well, by the time I got home in the afternoon, I found him laying in bed burning up with a fever. Needless to say, we cancelled our reservations and will try again tonight. Greg is feeling much better this morning.

We did exchange cards last night and my romantic husband *created* a gift card for me. It is so sweet. We are going to go shopping for deck furniture for our anniversary. I have been desperate for deck furniture since we got married so I was happy to see the "gift card"!!!! Very sweet that he took the time to make that. I love you, honey!!

Carter is feeling much better and so am I. We are back to sleeping well and it seems like old times and Carter's sickness a distant memory. I am sure there is another road block up ahead but at least we are getting some good rest in between.
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