New Bible Study class

Sunday was not only Mother's Day, it was also the start of a new Sunday School/Bible Study class at my church, Two Rivers. Since it was a holiday weekend we really didn't know who would be in there. A lot of people were out of town. Some people had told us they were interested but we really didn't know what to expect.

I have been reading a book on Christian leadership and was really convicted about my prayer life and the place prayer has in ministry. Through confession and in reading the scriptures this week I have made some changes in not only my prayer life, but also life in general. This past week has been awesome! I feel the Lord is growing me and molding me and even though I don't really like everything He is doing, I know the changes are from Him and they are ultimately for my good.

Anyway, I felt a total peace about Sunday. Greg asked me Saturday night if I was nervous or not and I replied "no". And I meant it. I haven't felt peace like that in a long time. But I have to also say that part of me thought that no one would really be there and there was nothing to worry about -- ha!

Well, we had one couple come in and we started chatting. We had decided to let them go to the service at a certain time if no one else showed up, given it was Mother's Day and all. Well two more couple eventually showed up. We were so excited. The first couple of weeks are basically an introduction and I am figuring it will take about a month for everyone to get settled in. We are really looking forward to this and seeing what God is going to do in the lives of these parents!

I am finishing up a parenting class on Wednesday nights and it has been really fun. It was an intimate group of four couples and we all knew each other but I think we have really grown in the past six weeks. Next week, we are having a panel of parents come in and we are going to ask them some questions about raising kids.

So, lots going on here but it is all good.

I am continuing to receive my supervision toward licensure and over the summer we are going to be able to meet every week. I think sometime in the fall all of this will be wrapped up and I will be able to take my big, fat state test.......YIKES. If and when I pass, I will be a licensed clinical social worker, or, LCSW. In Tennessee, LCSW's have a lot of respect within the mental health field. When people ask me what an LCSW is, I tell them to compare it to an LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor) or a Psychologist. The only thing about the Psychologist is they have a Ph.D and LCSW's are not required to have one, although I am sure there are many out there that do.

The technical deal with being licensed is that I am able to receive third party reimbursements. Basically, I can take insurance and be in private practice. The goal of being licensed for most people is credibility and the ability to be in private practice.

I told Greg that when I get licensed we are having a HUGE party cause I think it is a pretty big deal. He agreed!
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