Eggs....and not the Easter kind

We had a guest speaker at church today. It was a really good message. God spoke some thing to me today. And they really made me smile.

First, though, I'll share the things that didn't make me smile. God pounding me over the head over and over that in His time we will have another baby and that, while I can take things into my own hands, there will always going to be consequences in doing so. Also, though, God is a God of mercy (thank you, Jesus) and no matter what I have done in the past or how much I fail in the future, God knows exactly every move that I am going to make and He loves me anyway.

Now, onto the smile....

The pastor was speaking out of Genesis 16. The story is of Abram, Sarah and Hagaar. You know the story. Abram is promised to be the father of all nations, Sarah can't have children and they end up taking matters into their own hands, and Ishmael is born. I think we can all say we see the consequences today (in the Middle East) for their decisions. The Sarah, at age 90, and in women's terms....way past the normal time frame to get pregnant.......gets pregnant by the Lord's hand. In other words, her eggs were fried, dried, and dusty and God transformed them to sunny side up, once again.

This is the part that made me smile. I was sitting in the service and it dawned on me.

If God can take Sarah's 90 year old eggs and produce offspring, then surely He is capable of taking my 39 year old eggs and making them PERFECT, too. Oh, and don't forget about Greg's contributions. I wouldn't want to leave him out, you know how he hates missing out on attention. Ha ha. Love ya, honey!

So, I smiled and I quit worrying about it, for a minute, at least.
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