My Trek through Nature

Whether I wanted it or not!

Week before last the weather was turning beautiful. So, I took to walking in Shelby Park, which is about 2 miles from our house in beautiful East Nashville.

Monday, I went with Carter and he had a great time. Now, I have been working out quite a bit on the ellipitcal machine at the Y so the 1.25 mile walk seemed like nothing.

Thursday, I decided to go on my own. While at the park on Monday I viewed a map of the park (big mistake) and saw that when I came to the fork on the greenway, I could go 1.25 miles or 1.75 miles. Thursday, I decided to live dangerously. I decided to trek the 1/75 miles.

Well, things were going great until I hit the 2 mile marker. Thats right, I was supposed to loop around the park in 1.75 miles, according to that map. I was anywhere but near where I had started.

So, instead of turning around, knowing I was going to have to walk 4 miles total I decided to forge ahead, thinking, somehow, there would be a way out.

Well, another half mile up the road it became clear that I was in a dilemma. Not only was I 2+ miles away from where I started, I had finished off my 20 oz bottle of water that I had, thankfully, brought with me. Then it hit! I had the urgent desire to PEE. And it was BAD.

Now, for those of you who know me. I am not a nature person. I don't go camping. I like make-up and running water. I don't sleep in a tent. Get the picture.

So the thought of having to pee outside, in public, really didn't appeal to me. But, I really didn't have a choice, if you know what I mean. It was going to come out one way or another and I really didn't want to pee in my pants. So, off I went to find a trail. It would have been great if someone had been there to video tape me walking with my legs half way crossed praying that I would find the trail before I pee'd all over everything! I found a trail that I had passed not to long ago, so I hurriedly looked both ways to make sure no one else was on this road. I found the trail just in time. It was very well hidden from the road, it was next to a creek. It was totally isolated, (I think, I hope, I pray!!!). I won't go into the details of the "drop", but lets just say I did my business and hit the road.

After my "nature drop", I had a clearer mind and it became apparent that I just needed to turn around and go back the way that I came. But, I was still wondering if this road would take me back to where I started, somehow. I stopped and asked a nice gentleman that if I stayed on the path that I was on where would it lead. He told me I would end up at Opry Mills mall.

No thank you, please. Sigh.

So, I turned around and headed back.

All in all I walked about 5 .5 miles, at least. I was never so glad to see the new nature center. Then my car. Whew.

I came home and drank a bunch of water, stretched out and took some advil. The next day I was not nearly as sore as I thought I would be and I was really quite proud of myself.

Of course, I haven't been back to the park yet. I'm still fearful they are going to arrest me for indecent exposure in a nature setting or defaming public property. Who knows.
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