Had to share these!!!

It is time to share a few Carter pictures.

The first set is of him enjoying one of his favorite desserts. Carter does not want anyone feeding him anymore, and the best way to get him to learn to eat with a spoon is to just give him a bowlful of food and let him go at it. And that he did as you will see in these pictures...

Of course, as you can see, he prefers using his fingers!!!

Carter got a new haircut and I had to show it off. This should do him for most of the summer. No buzz cut this year, probably never again! I like him with hair.

Finally, these are the best!

This morning I was busy getting ready while Greg had run an errand. Carter was in the living room watching a video and playing. I thought to myself, Wow, Carter is being sooo good this morning. I come in to find him with the air vent removed and his repeating, "ball??" over and over. Yes, he had thrown a ball down the airvent. I spent the next 5 minutes trying to explain to him that the ball went bye bye. So, I put the vent cover back on and told him not to take it off. We have done this SEVERAL times, he is obsessed with taking the air vent cover off. So, I go downstairs to get something and come back up and start sorting through some clothes. I hear a strange sound and look in the living room and found this!

Yes, apparently, Carter was going to go after his ball. He climbed down into the air vent. Sigh. For a minute he was stuck, then I was able to get him out. He then got a spanking to remind him that taking the vent cover off and climbing into the vent is a BIG NO NO!!!!! Then I gave him a great big hug and told him I loved him and held onto him for dear life!!!
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